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What Is The Aluminium Circles Manufacturing Process

Publish: Modify: Apr 19, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

The specific aluminium circles manufacturing process for different applications and different sizes has some difference such as DC and CC aluminum aluminum disc circle. Learn more.

The aluminum discs circle is of wide application, especially in cookware, road sign and lamp cover. For meeting different applications, it has rich sizes and different kinds such as DC aluminum circle, CC aluminum discs and anodized aluminum discs. The specific production process also varies a little due to these differences.

The general aluminium circles manufacturing process is aluminum ingot- melting-holding furnace- continuous casing/Direct Casting- cold rolling, tension stretching- punching/cutting-inspection-annealing- inspection- packing-warehouse-delivery.

aluminium circles manufacturing process.png

DC aluminum circle is more suitable for deep drawing with finer grain size. Its price is also relatively high. The processing technology of CC aluminum circle is better than before, which can replace DC aluminum circle in some applications.

For the conventional aluminum circle for cookware, automatic aluminum circle punching machine is of high efficiency, but for some super large size such as the diameter of aluminum circle over 800 mm , the production cost will be very expensive if we use this machine. At this time, we need aluminum circle cutting machine.

aluminum circle punching  cuttng machine.jpg

If you have high requirements for flatness, we have laser cutting machine the high-end aluminum circle discs. In order to get better annealing effect, we choose to do annealing after the aluminum coil is cut into the aluminum circle.

Haomei Aluminum with rich exporting experience pay attention to the package. There are paper interleave between any two pieces. And it can be covered with protective film according to the customers’ requirements. As for the outer packaging , we choose wood pallet or wooden case for it. Welcome to leave message below to inquire aluminum circle for cookware.



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