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Top Three Kinds of Aluminium PCB Sheet

Publish: Modify: Apr 07, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The alloy kind of aluminum PCB sheets are 1000,5000 and 6000 aluminum drilling entry sheet. Come to their typical ones and features.

There are three kinds of aluminum drilling entry sheets for PCB sheet: 1000 aluminum sheet, 5000 aluminum sheet and 6000 aluminum sheet. This page is a comparison of these three kind for the reference of printed circuit board manufacturer to choose proper kind.


1000 Pure Aluminum Sheet

The typical alloy: 1050/1060/1070

Main Element: Among all the series, the aluminum content of 1000 aluminum sheet is the highest, over 99.00%.

Advantages: With simple production process and technological level, its price is much cheaper than other series. High aluminum content also gives it a better electricity and thermal conductivity. Take the 1050 aluminum sheet for example. Its aluminum sheet is up to 99.5%.

5000 Aluminum Sheet

The typical alloy: 5052/5005/5083/5A05

Main Element: Its main allooy element is magnesium of 3-5%.

Features: 5000 aluminum is of low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. Under the same area, the weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than other series, so it is commonly used in aviation and alu sheet for PCB.

6000 Aluminum Sheet

The typical one: 6061

Main Element: Its main alloy element is magnesium and silicon. It can be used for those applications requiring high corrosion resistance and oxidation requirements.

Features: It is easy to coat and of high strength and strong corrosion resistance. From the perspective of the texture, hardness, elongation, chemical properties and price of the material itself, the 5052 aluminum is more commonly used for aluminum PCB plate.

In order to adapt to the continuous progress of various electronic products, various aluminum PCB plates are developed. There are just simple introduction of these three kinds.



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