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Thin Flat Aluminum Strip Price

Publish: Modify: Aug 17, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

What will affect the thin flat aluminium strip price?For aluminum strips for face mask, with the same alloy, the smaller the width, the higher the price. Learn more.

During the further processing of aluminum alloys, controlling the production cost is very important. For some uses such as for face masks,transformer winding, ceiling,etc, the thin flat aluminum strip will greatly reduce the waste generated.

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The aluminum strips of the same alloy will affect the price due to the different width and packaging methods. Generally speaking, the smaller the width and the smaller the inner diameter, the higher the price. The common width is more than 200 mm, and the commonly used inner diameter is 500 mm.

It is recommended that if the user has no clear requirements for the inner diameter, the inner diameter of 500mm can be selected, and the width needs to be determined according to the actual product size.

The aluminum strip width range of Haomei aluminum strip for face mask: We can provide aluminum strips with a thickness of 0.15mm or more and a width of 10mm or more. The slitting edges are smooth and burr-free, and the slitting size is accurate. The width tolerance can be controlled within 0.05mm.

What will affect the aluminium strip price? It includes alloy, width, thickness, aluminum ingot price and processing cost. Therefore, it is recommended that the customer must buy thin aluminum strip according to the actual needs, especially having a clear understanding of the the hardness of the aluminum strip.



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