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The Manufacturing Process of China Medicinal Foil

Publish: Modify: Dec 07, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

China medicinal foil is widely used for the packaging of tablets, pills, capsules, and granules. How to ensure its quality during the manufacturing process? Learn more.

At present, all kinds of medicines such as tablets, pills, capsules, and granules are packaged in aluminum-plastic blister packs. This kind of packaging can not only better protect the quality and performance of the medicines, but also has fast packaging production speed and low cost. As users have higher and higher requirements for the quality and appearance of medicines, the quality requirements for China medicinal foils are getting higher and higher.

At present, most of the packaging of medicinal aluminum foil is 8011 aluminum foil for sale. The thickness is 0.02 mm, and the temper is H18. Its manufacturing process is ingot inspectionrolling→coiling→rolling→slitting→inspection→packaging and storage. The rolling pass distribution is 0.3 mm (H14) → 0. 145 mm → 01072 mm → 0.032 mm → 2 × 0.02 mm (H18).


Since aluminum foils are delivered in a hard state, and the rolling of aluminum foil is carried out in an oil-lubricated environment, the surface of the aluminum foil will inevitably stick to the rolling oil, so that the requirements for the degreasing effect of the rolling mill are higher.

The roller cleaner of the rolling mill can be modified to increase the pressure of the roller cleaner on the support roll, and a monolithic polyurethane baffle is added to the connecting beam between the super cleaner and the two arches. The rolling oil at the entrance will not splash on the foil surface at the exit from the top of the support roll.

We have a good control o the speed and rolling force, thereby reducing the oil effect, so that the roll produces a smaller forced compressive stress on the surface of the aluminum foil, and the thickness of the oil film entering the deformation zone is reduced.

We can also reduce the oil pressure of the rolling oil and increase the temperature of the rolling oil, and reduce the pass processing rate of the finished product pass. Lowering the oil pressure and increasing the oil temperature is mainly to reduce the thickness of the oil film and the amount of rolling oil, and the reduction of the pass processing rate of the finished product is to reduce the rolling speed, thereby reducing the temperature of the rolling zone and reducing the thickness of the oil film.

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