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Aluminum Foil Tape Home Depot

Publish: Modify: Dec 10, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminum foil tape home depot features strong adhesion, anti-aging,anti-corrosion,etc. 1235 and 8011 aluminum foil are often chosen for making it. Learn more.

There are two main kinds of tapes: cellulose tape and alu foil tape. The main material of scotch tape is bopp film, while the most basic material of aluminum foil tape is aluminum foil. The scotch tape generally uses natural or synthetic rubber and Acrylic, while aluminum foil tape only use Acrylic.

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The aluminum foil tape home depot features strong adhesion and anti-aging. It is used for maintenance and wrapping of the pipelines of refrigerators and some electrical appliances. It has a long service life and doesn’t need replacing for a long time. Its main application is in the packaging industry such as paper products, printing and decoration, and plastics.

Why is it so powerful and popular? That depends on its extraordinary physical properties. One of its biggest advantage is that it can isolate electromagnetic signals, and it is widely used in the field of electronic products such as home laptop computers, and LCD monitors of desktop computers. Both of them are wrapped with aluminum foil tape to shield electromagnetic signals and speed up the transmission of electronic signals.

Because of its isolation from electromagnetic waves, it also plays a role in preventing electromagnetic damage and protecting human health. It is also used in our smart phone to prevent us from being affected by the electromagnetic waves from our phone.

Another distinctive feature of alu foil tape is anti-ultraviolet and anti-corrosion. Therefore, it can be used in many extremely harsh and harsh environments, especially in the oil and gas pipelines in urban construction and house construction, as well as petrochemical pipelines.

1235 and 8011 aluminum foil are two kinds of aluminum foils used as the base material of aluminum foil tape. The 1235 aluminum foil is more often chosen. Take our 1235 aluminum foil tape exported to Korea as an example.

The aluminum foil for tape purchased by this customer is of a width of 1090mm, a thickness of 0.03mm and 0.04m, and a roll of 500 kg. The single purchase amount is 15-20 tons. As a big aluminum foil paper manufacturer, we have both 8011 and 1235 aluminum foil. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the latest price.



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