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The Common Aluminum Foil Packaging

Publish: Modify: Sep 15, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The common aluminum packaging includes household aluminum foil, wine packaging, aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging and aluminum-plastic composite film,etc.

The aluminum foil packaging is soft and of excellent sealing and barrier. In modern packaging, almost the packaging of all products that require strict opacity and high barrier chooses aluminum foil composite materials. Let's sort out some common aluminum foil packaging in our lives.

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1. Household aluminium foil

It can be regarded as a must-have package for home and travel. It can be regarded as a must-have package for home travel. It can be used at home to wrap food and put it in the microwave for heating, and it can also be used for camping and barbecue when traveling. t is suitable for cooking, freezing, wrapping, baking, etc.

2. Wine packaging

Many people know about wine, but many people don't know which part of the wine bottle is aluminum foil. The aluminum foil on the wine bottle is the wrinkled thin wine seal that wraps the neck and mouth of the bottle. Because aluminum foil has good ductility, tensile properties and easy printing characteristics, the aluminum foil for wine seals has gradually been used in bottleneck and bottle seal packaging for beer, fruit wine and high-grade soy sauce.

3. Aluminum-plastic composite film

It is is widely used in food, chemicals, military supplies packaging and other fields. This composite film is made of aluminum foil and high-strength, heat-sealable plastic film, which has excellent barrier, mechanics and heat sealing properties.

4. Aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging

Generally speaking, the aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging mainly includes liquid, easy-opening caps for injections, and medicinal PTP aluminum foil, which is non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, impermeable, heat-resistant and moisture-proof.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of the pharmaceutical market and the increasing popularity of PTP aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging, the pharmaceutical foil market has also developed rapidly, and the compound growth rate of pharmaceutical foil is expected to remain above 20%.



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