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Why Choose Aluminum Foil for Food Packaging

Publish: Modify: May 07, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Compared with other food packaging materials, aluminum foil is safer and of better sealing performance. The aluminium foil jumbo roll price also keeps decreasing. Learn more!

There are a variety of food packaging material in our life. At present, flexible packaging is mainly based on aluminum foil packaging, plastic packaging and paper packaging.

Plastic and paper are of low price, light weight and convenience. These two packaging materials have greatly suppressed the market demand for aluminum foil for food packaging. However, general plastic packaging and paper packaging are easy to damage, have poor safety, and are far less effective in quality and sealing than aluminum foil packaging.


The development of aluminum-plastic composite technology and aluminum foil liner technology has greatly stimulated the market demand for packaging aluminum foil. At the same time, because of serious pollution during the production process of paper and plastic and their low recovery rate, its application range will be limited.

Due to the continuous thinning of aluminum foil, aluminium foil jumbo roll price has decreased a lot, which contributes to its fast application. That’s also owed to it many superior properties:

  • It can bear huge temperature difference( 50℃-121℃), which can be used for high temperature cooking.

  • Good oil resistance and outstanding fragrance retention performance.

  • Excellent barrier performance, strong air barrier performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof

  • Good heat sealing performance and high softness

  • It is non-toxic, tasteless, healthy and safe , which meet national health standards.

As a big food packaging aluminum foil manufacturer, Haomei Aluminum integrates scientific research, production and sales in one. By adopting the latest technology and owning rich production experience, Haomei can provide you various specifications of food grade aluminum foil.



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