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Cable Aluminum Foil Factory

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Cable aluminum foil is an ideal choice for cable protection. What are requirements for the cable aluminum foil factory? Learn more.

Since aluminum foil has high airtightness and shielding properties, the aluminum-plastic composite foil formed by coating a layer of plastic film on one or both sides, that is, cable aluminum foil is an ideal cable protection layer. The aluminum foil for cables is generally produced with 1145, 1100 and 8011 alloy.


The cable foil is made by attaching a special plastic film (0.058mm thick) on the upper and lower surfaces of the 0.15-0.20mm thick aluminum foil. The strength should not be less than 6.13N/cm and the heat sealing strength should not be less than 17.5N/cm. The surface quality of aluminum foil is the most important factor affecting the peeling strength.

Generally speaking, the overall requirements for the quality of cable foil are not very high, mainly including less oil, no pinholes, high mechanical properties, no oil spots,etc. However, cable aluminum foil has relatively high requirements for length and mechanical properties.

In terms of length, the length of the cable foil is only allowed to be longer and not shorter. This requires careful calculations when casting and rolling the billet. The cast-rolled billet should be kept as long as 10 or 12 times the customer's required length, plus an additional 3% error.

In terms of mechanical properties, that is, strength, the communication cable industry does not set a high standard for cable foil, but most customers require the strength of cable foil to be greater than 70MPa or 80MPa. Because cable aluminum foil needs to be divided into several small strips after covering with plastic film. The narrowest width is 12mm. There may be slight cracks or burrs during slitting, therefore a certain strength is very important. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the cable aluminum foil factory price.



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