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The Manufacturing Process of Aluminum Jumbo Roll for Hair Foil

Publish: Modify: Jun 02, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

Haomei Aluminum has the advanced processing craft of aluminum jumbo roll for hair foil, thus offering you better 1200 and 1235 aluminum foil price. Learn more.

Health and beauty is a big industry in many countries. Perm and hair dyeing are familiar hairdressing methods for many women. Hair foil made of aluminum jumbo roll is shorten the time of hair treatment and avoid the pollution of hairdressing chemicals. What is its manufacturing process? Let's have a look.

Aluminum foil production is an industry with high investment, high energy consumption and high cost. During the aluminum foil manufacturing process, the metal tends to be deformed due to a large friction force and a high temperature produced by the high-speed rolling. Therefore, it is necessary to add MOA-80 base oil( conventional rolling oil), which plays a role of lubrication and cooling.

In the aluminum foil coiling process, the roughness of the shiny and dull side is different. The dull side is relatively rough compared to the bright side. The conventional rolling oil attached to the dark side of the aluminum foil is more than the bright side.

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Because the conventional rolling oil has high viscosity and wide distillation range, it is not easy to volatilize during annealing. In addition, because of different residue of rolling oil of different sides, usually the oil on the bright side has been completely removed after a certain temperature and time, but the dark side still has some. That will affects the surface quality of the aluminum foil and has a serious impact on subsequent reprocessing.

To solve this problem, Haomei Aluminum the manufacturing process. We choose to spray conventional rolling oil during rough rolling, intermediate rolling and finishing rolling, and spray low flash point rolling oil during the winding process. The use of low flash point rolling oil can effectively reduce the interlayer friction coefficient caused by metal deformation during rolling and reduce the number of pinholes in the aluminum foil.

More importantly, during the annealing process, due to the the low flash point rolling oil’s short distillation range and low initial and final distillation temperature, it is easy to anneal and remove oil, thereby reducing annealing time, greatly improving equipment utilization, and reducing production costs.

Haomei Aluminum offers 1200 and 1235 aluminum jumbo roll for hair foil with better price. Welcome to leave message below to inquire aluminum foil Chinaand tell us your specific requirements.

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