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Top Five Container Foil For Food

Publish: Modify: Apr 12, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

8011, 3003, 8006, 3004 and 5052 aluminum foil are five container foils for food. Among them 8011 and 3003 aluminum foil are more popular. Learn more.

Aluminum foil tray has been widely used like the disposable pans on airplane, aluminium freezer containers for microwave oven, aluminum tray bakes,etc. As early as the 2001 APEC meeting in Shanghai, leaders of all countries used aluminum foil containers; during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, they used aluminum foil tray for athletes and service personnel; during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, only aluminum foil lunch boxes were used to deliver meals to athletes and service personnel.

8011 aluminum foil.jpg

The container foil for food has five kinds: 8011, 3003, 8006, 3004 and 5052 aluminum foil. 5052 aluminum foil is more expensive than 8011 and 3003 aluminum foil, but its properties are better. 8006 aluminum foil is used to make wrinkle-free aluminum foil boxes. The 8011, 3003 and 3004 are three common food container aluminum foils.

The 3004 aluminum foil for food container is of high hardness and good load-bearing, and its stamping effect is better than 3003 aluminum foil. is produced by high-temperature annealing and disinfection process, so that bacteria and microorganisms cannot grow on the surface.

3003 aluminum foil is a kind of Al-Mn alloys, featuring excellent anti-rust property and relatively higher strength. The food container made of 3003 aluminum foil s often used in aviation and cake food retail.

8011 aluminium foil with H18 temper is a best selling product of Haomei Aluminum. Its thickness is 0.018mm-0.5mm, and the thickness of aluminum foil tray is 0.04mm-0.20mm, so the 8011 aluminum foil produced by can fully meet the requirements of making food containers.

The aluminum food container made of Haomei Aluminum has strong barrier properties, which can protect the original taste of the food after sealing and extend the shelf life of the food. It can directly used for storage, packaging, grilling/baking, heating and freezing. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.



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