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Aluminum Foil for Wrinkle-free Food Container

Publish: Modify: Apr 12, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

For wrinkle-free food container, 8006 aluminum foil is often used for it has better properties than 8011 and 3003 food container aluminum foils. Learn more.

Aluminum foil food container is a widely used tableware for it has a large tolerance for high temperature and low temperature, and can be directly heated on a gas stove and microwave oven. With the improved consumption capacity and food safety concept, the application of aluminum foil tray will become higher and higher.

The thickness of aluminum foil box is is generally between 0.03mm-0.20mm. Under the premise that the thickness of the food container aluminum foil is sufficient, it can basically block gas and moisture, and can protect the food from deterioration for a long time. Moreover, the surface of the food container foil is clean and hygienic, which can block the growth of any bacteria or microorganisms.

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The aluminum foil tray can be divided into wrinkle and wrinkle-free. The wrinkle-free food container is to minimize the wrinkles after the aluminum foil is stamped and formed. There is only allowed to have wrinkles at four right angles. 8006 aluminum foil is often used to make this food container.

Compared with 8011 and 3003 aluminum foil, 8006 aluminum foil , the elongation and cupping value of 8006 aluminum foil is a little higher. Its tensile strength is 10 MPa higher than that of 8011 aluminum foil and slightly lower than that of 3003 aluminum foil.

As a food container, there are strict requirements for safety and hygiene. The aluminum foil for food container should be of clean surface, flat shape, uniform color, no spots, no roll marks, no oil stains and no holes.

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