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Battery Aluminum Foil for Power Lithium Battery

Publish: Modify: Apr 17, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Power lithium battery is the power source of electric car while aluminum foil for lithium ion battery is the most important positive electrode material. Learn more about battery aluminum foil.

The development of new energy vehicles is an important part of a low-carbon economy, which has an important role in alleviating the contradiction between energy supply and demand, improving the environment, and promoting sustainable economic development.


New energy vehicles are one of the industries that best reflect a country's technological development level, independent innovation capabilities, and international competitiveness. electric vehicles are the main direction of development of new energy vehicles. The electric vehicle's electric power source is a battery.

The opposite electrochemical reaction occurs between the positive electrode and the negative electrode during operation or discharge, and the generated voltage drives an external load to run the car.

The power battery for electric vehicles is a lithium battery. The the positive electrode is lithium iron phosphate (cobalt oxide lithium LiCoO2, or lithium manganese oxide LiMn2O4 or ternary compound Li (NiCo) O2) coated on battery aluminum foil. The negative electrode is a copper foil coated with graphite or lithium titanate.

The entire positive electrode is the most critical part of the battery. The positive electrode of the lithium battery of the electric vehicle needs aluminum foil. Aluminum is the current preferred material for the lightweight of auto parts.

There are some special requirement for the performance of the aluminum foil for lithium iron battery, and the Chinese aluminum foil industry can fully meet all the requirements for such foil. Haomei, a big aluminum foil manufacturer in China, can provide you aluminum foil battery of different alloys such as 1235, 1060, 1050 and 1145.



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