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How to Tell the Grades of Aluminum Alloys

Publish: Modify: Oct 16, 2019Author: From:  Haomei

How to check the quality of aluminum alloys?There are nine simple tips to ensure the quality of aluminum alloys like aluminum sheet, aluminium foil and aluminum circles. Read full text will give you a clear idea.

1570687059.jpgAluminum alloys is an important raw material in construction,daily goods, decoration,automobile,aerospace and military fields, therefore the quality of aluminum alloys affect that of its downstream products.

How to tell the grades of aluminum alloys and purchase qualified ones? There are seven simple tips to help you have quick identification.

1. Check the material of aluminum alloy. If it is made of primary aluminum(smelted by raw ore), the cut is bright and shiny; if it is recycled aluminum or doped, the incision is dim and the color is not pure.

2. Look at the thickness. You can measure if the thickness of different aluminum plates are in accordance with its mark.

3. Try its strength. When purchasing, you can use the hand to bend the aluminum sheet or circle moderately to see if it can restore the shape after your hands leave.

4. Observe the color. The color of a same aluminum alloy circle should be consistent. If there is obvious color difference, do not buy easily.

5. Check the flatness. The surface of the aluminum sheet/circle should be no bumps or bulging.

6. Look over the gloss. The surface should be not spots, cracks, burrs and peeling those obvious shortcomings.

7. Choose suitable aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloys have 8 big series. Each has different compositions and physical properties. Their prices also have big 1570687086.jpgdifferences. For example , 1050 aluminum sheet is of cheap price, good electrical conductivity and high corrosion resistance, but it has a relatively poor strength compared with other aluminum alloys like 5052 aluminum sheet. If you like to use in aerospace, 1050 aluminum sheet will not be a suitable choice.

8. Have a knowledge of brand. Since the standards of aluminum alloy has been matured, brand can be the last factor. In recent years, the quality of aluminum alloys in china has greatly improved, so it is a highly cost-effective choice. For example, Haomei's aluminum products are becoming more and more reputable.

9. Check the certificates if necessary. For some kinds of aluminum alloy product or for some regions, the certificates are necessary. Take food grade aluminum foil for example. FDA certificate is necessary in USA and recognized worldwide. Haomei food aluminum foil is completely in accordance with FDA standards.



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