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How to Choose Wholesale Aluminum Diamond Plate

Publish: Modify: Aug 25, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

How to choose a right diamond embossed aluminum sheet satisfying your need? There are six factors when buying the whole aluminum diamond plate. Learn more.

The diamond embossed aluminum sheet is widely used in different fields. How to choose a right kind that satisfy your using need? There are six factors to help you make choices.

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The harness is directly related to the chemical composition of the alloy. Different tempers also have a greater impact. According to the hardness, the 7xxx, 2xxx, 4xxx, 6xxx, 5xxx, 3xxx and 1xxx decreases in order.


Strength is an important factor that must be considered during product design. When the diamond tread aluminum sheet is used as a component, an appropriate alloy should be selected according to the pressure it bears. The pure aluminum sheet has the lowest strength.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance includes chemical corrosion and stress corrosion resistance. Generally speaking, 1xxx aluminum plate has the best corrosion resistance, 5xxx performs well, followed by 3xxx and 6xxx aluminum tread plate. 2xxx and 7xxx aluminum plate are not so good.


Machinability includes formability and cutting performance. Because the formability is related to the temper. After selecting the aluminum alloy, the strength range of various tempers must be considered.

The formability of the material in the annealed state is the best. On the contrary, the formability of the heat-treated material is the worst.


Some of the 5000 aluminum tread plates are especially suitable for welding. In contrast, some 2 series and 7 series aluminum plates are difficult to weld.

Decorative Performance

For reaching different decorative effect, there are different patterns such as five bar, three bar, orange peel, rhombus, pearl, compass,etc. We usually choose the aluminum tread plate with orange peel pattern for fridge. The five bar diamond tread plate is often used as the stairs or the floor of the vehicle.

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