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CTP Process Free Plates For a Kodak Trendsetter Q800

Publish: Modify: May 09, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

What is the CTP process free plate? There are mainly three types of process free CTP offset printing plates. How to choose the proper one for your machine like Kodak Trendsetter Q800? Learn more.

At present, green printing leads the development direction of the printing industry with its strong influence. And prepress plate making has entered the CTP era, so the environmentally friendly CTP process free plates has become a hot spot in the industry. What is the CTP process free plate?

From a broad perspective, it means that after the plate is exposed and imaged on the direct-to-plate making equipment, it can be printed on the machine without any subsequent processing steps.

CTP process free plate.jpg

In a narrow sense, it means that the plate does not need chemical development treatment after exposure and imaging on the plate setting machine, but there will be individual non-chemical treatment processes, such as the removal of plate ablation waste, coating of protective glue, etc. There are different types of CTP process free plates. Lets have a look together.

1. Completely process free ctp plate: It refers to the CTP offset printing plates that can be directly printed on the machine after being imaged on the plate making equipment. According to the different imaging methods, it can be mainly divided into ablative treatment-free CTP plates and thermal treatment-free CTP plates.

2. Chemical-free CTP plate. After it is imaged on the plate making machine and before printing on the machine, it needs to undergo development treatment, and this treatment process does not require chemical developer, and can be developed by cleaning with water or protecting the printing plate with glue.

3. Process-free CTP plates are developed on-machine. After the CTP offset printing plates are exposed and imaged on the plate making machine, the plate is developed on the printing press by the wetting effect of the fountain solution to remove the non-graphic part of the drug film.

Choosing a suitable process-free CTP plate is very important for printing companies. When choosing a treatment-free CTP plate, you must first understand the principle of the treatment-free CTP plate, know what type of treatment-free CTP plate you will use, and then choose the appropriate type according to your own production and process flow.

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