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Color Coated Aluminum Coil for Car License Plate

Publish: Modify: May 19, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

he color coated aluminum coil for car license plate has two coating process: Polyester and PVDF coating. It also has other applications such as spacer, shutter, channel letter,etc.

The color coated aluminum coil for car license plate is to color the plain aluminum coil. This process is called aluminum coil color coating process. At present, in the entire aluminum coil color coating process, the fluorocarbon color coating and the polyester color coating process are the main ones.

pre painted aluminum coil.jpg

Polyester color coating process usually refers to the polyester coating formed by baking the surface of the aluminum coil multiple times. After processing, it firmly adheres to the surface of the aluminum coil,which can be processed on one or both sides.

The polyester coating is UV resistant, and can greatly increase the life of the aluminum coil in an outdoor environment with sunlight, wind, rain,etc. The service life of color coated aluminum coil is about 25 years longer than that of the conventional aluminum coil.

For the PVDF coating process, it generally uses vinyl fluoride homopolymers or copolymers of vinylidene fluoride and other small amounts of fluorine-containing vinyl monomers. It is worth mentioning that the service life of the pre painted aluminum coil can reach as much as 20 years.

The Specification of Color Coated Aluminum Coil for Car License Plate



Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)


Coating Thickness

1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 5005 5052

O, H12, H14, H16, H22, H24, H32, H34, H36, H42, H44, H46 etc.



Under 9500


One-Coat: 18+/-2um

Two-Coat: 25-28um

Back coat:5-10um

Special specification could be customized.

The most widely use alloy is AA1050 temper H42 or O, thickness 1.0mm.

As a big color coated aluminum coil manufacturer, Haomei Aluminum can offer customers rich specifications for meeting different applications such as car license plate, name plate, solar collector, shutter, spacer, shutter doors,etc. Welcome to tell us your need below. We will recommend suitable pre painted aluminum coil for you.



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