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Aluminum Coil With Kraft Paper

Publish: Modify: Oct 20, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum coil with Kraft paper is an kind of aluminum insulation coil which is popular in recent years. Welcome to inquire the aluminum coil stock prices.

Aluminum coil with Kraft paper is an kind of aluminum insulation coil which is popular in recent years. It is widely favored in the Middle East countries. The thickness is generally 0.2-2.0mm and the width is between 800-1300 mm. The alloys are 1060,1100, 3003,3004,3104 and 5052 aluminum coil.

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There are three processes for the aluminum metal jacket with Polykraft moisture barrier:

1. The Kraft paper is self-adhesive and it is directly pasted on the aluminum coil.

Advantage: This process is of low production cost, high production efficiency and timely delivery.

Disadvantage: The surface of kraft paper is prone to air bubbles due to temperature changes, which affects the bonding effect. The open-air storage time should not be too long. And it is very easy to fall off, thus affecting the quality of construction.

2. The Kraft paper and aluminum roll are bonded together by heating. This process is newly developed by Haomei Aluminum.

Advantage: The adhesion is very high, and the glue will not open or fall off for 24 hours in the water immersion test. The weather resistance is extremely high, and the Kraft paper is not affected by temperature changes.

Disadvantage: The production efficiency is slow and the production cost is too high.

3. The aluminum coil with Kraft paper can be further processed to make embossed aluminum roll and aluminum tile covered with Kraft paper.

During the production of Polykraft laminated aluminum coil, the aluminum coil must be degreasing. The shape must be flat. The weight of each roll can be 2.5 -3 tons or 3.5 tons can be used. The inner hole is made of 505 paper tube core or aluminum core. We adopts the fumigation-free packaging for sea shipping.

As a professional aluminum coil manufacturer, we choose the heat pressing process. It cannot be torn off by hand. It does not crack if it is immersed in the water for 24 hours. Welcome to leave message below to get the aluminum coil stock prices.



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