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Aluminum Circle For Cookware Suppliers

Publish: Modify: Aug 20, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminum circle is often chosen for making cookware, especially the anodized aluminum circle. Welcome to contact the aluminum circle for cookware supplier for price.

According to the related data, about half of the cookware in the world is made of aluminum. The heat efficiency of the aluminum discs is 93% that is three times the steel and cast iron. The aluminum cookware has better electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and heat resistance.

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The production process of cookware mainly includes blanking, deep drawing, flushing, bottom trimming and cleaning. In the blanking process, the first thing to do is to make a selection of the metal materials for the cookware.

Since the cookware needs to maintain a good heat conduction function, and at the same time achieve stable chemical function during the process of experiencing high temperature grilling, this makes the selection very strict.

As a metal with extremely high thermal conductivity, the large aluminum discs do not rust, and can maintain resistance to various corrosion. small amount of other metal elements are added to aluminum materials to improve functions when making cookware. Aluminum generally exists in the form of stretching, die casting or anodizing.

The stretched aluminum circles are formed by rotary stamping. As the aluminum is relatively soft, some magnesium, copper, and bronze are added to make aluminum alloy to improve strength. Die-cast aluminum circle is often thicker than stretched aluminum, which is more suitable for heavy stock pots.

The anodized aluminum discs has a higher harness because of an oxide layer on the surface and better coloring effect compared with the ordinary aluminum circles. It is hard and does not easily react with other substances, which further improve the cooking safety.

As an aluminum circle for cookware supplier, Haomei Aluminum has different sizes of aluminum circle ranging from.



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