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What Is the Aluminum Circle Manufacturing Process

Publish: Modify: Dec 18, 2019Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminum circle manufacturing process is a little different because of the different specific applications. Here are the introductions of the differences of aluminum discs stamping and aluminum discs cutting. Learn more.

Aluminum circle is got by deep processing of aluminum sheet plate. Nowadays, there is a large demand in foreign markets. Most domestically produced aluminum circles are exported to other countries.

It can be said that the domestic aluminum circle manufacturing process is mature. According to its uses, its manufacturing process is not completely same.

Aluminum Discs Stamping

10 mm aluminum disc for utensil.jpgIt is processed by continuous stamping equipment. Take Haomei aluminum processing craft for example. Its stamping process is high automatic and directly done on the aluminum coils, greatly shortening the processing period. This production line can produce various aluminum discs stamping for utensils.

The above products are all hot-rolled series, which has the advantages of high elongation and good anodizing effect. The type of round aluminum blanks can be used for making various kitchen utensils, cookers, containers,etc.

Aluminum Circles for Traffic Signs

This type of aluminum circles are usually processed by the aluminum disc cutting machine. This equipment is mainly used for traffic signs and signage enterprises to produce traffic signs. It adopts H14 semi-hard state.

The manufacturing process is to cut the aluminum sheet to square and then cut it into the circle on the cutting equipment. Our aluminum disc cutting equipment is of high precision and adjustable diameter. So it make different sizes of aluminum circles.

Most customers like to buy aluminum circles in large amount, therefore choosing a reliable aluminum circle supplier is very important. By knowing the manufacturing process, you will have a wiser choice.



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