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7075 Aluminium Plate Thickness

Publish: Modify: Aug 06, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

According to the aluminium plate thickness, 7075 aluminum plate can be divided into thin, standard and thick aluminum sheet with different tempers and applications. Learn more!

7075 Aluminum plate, a main kind of aircraft aluminium sheet, is well known for high hardness and strength, which is widely used in aerospace, mold processing, auto parts, electronic appliances, automation and other fields.

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According to the aluminium plate thickness, 7075 aluminum plate can be divided into 7075 thin aluminium sheet, 7075 standard aluminium plate and 7075 thick aluminum sheet.

Among them, 7075 thin aluminum sheet is in T6 and TO temper, which is often used for for auto parts, aviation parts, electronic product shells and other high-strength mechanical parts, etc. The 7075-TO aluminum sheet has good ductility and can be used in bending, stamping and other processing fields.

7075 standard aluminum plate is divided into 7075 T6 and 7075-T651 aluminum plates. 7075-T6 aluminum plates are quenched aluminum plates without pre-stretching, which is only suitable for small-size parts processing. 7075-T651 aluminum sheet is a pre-stretched aluminum sheet. It has high hardness, no deformation and stable anodizing effect.

The common temper of the 7075 thick aluminum plate is T652. The thickness of 7075-T652 aluminum plate is generally greater than 200mm. Most of them are used to make various molds or large accessories. The 7075-T652 aluminum pate is denser and harder than other tempers.

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