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Will Anodised Aluminium Discs Rust

Publish: Modify: Mar 11, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The anodized aluminum discs will not rust, but the right using and maintenance tips will extent its life and your health. Haomei, aluminum circle manufacturers tell you more.

As we all know, iron products will rust after being used for a long time, so will aluminum discs rust like iron after a long period of use? Because of different chemical reactions, aluminum is only oxidized.

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During the production of anodised aluminum discs, the aluminum circle manufacturers will add other anti-rust and anti-corrosion metal elements to the aluminum materials, so the produced aluminum circle will have an anti-rust effect. The common alloy element is Manganese. As we all know, it has a good rust prevention function.

The aluminum pans we usually use are made of anodized aluminum discs. Its outer surface has a thin oxide film with a thickness of only 0.00001 mm. In the industry, in order to make aluminum circle more durable, we can also make the oxide film thicker.

However, the aluminum oxide film prevents aluminum from being further oxidized, but aluminum oxide is an amphoteric oxide. It can react with both strong acids and strong alkaline solutions, so it is not resistant to the corrosion of strong acids and strong alkaline solutions. So during the daily use, don’t use these materials, which is good for your health.

When cleaning the aluminum utensils, some people like using steel wire balls. This kind of sharp tool will wipe off the oxide film. Once it is wiped off, a new alumina layer will not be generated to continuously maintain the aluminum inside.



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