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Blank Aluminium Discs in Transport

Publish: Modify: Mar 12, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum discs circles are playing more and more important role in transport such as vehicle, high-speed rails and other machines. Why? Haomei, blank aluminum discs manufacturers tell you.

In recent years, aluminium discs circles have been widely used in transportation, home appliances, electronics, mechanical equipment and other fields because of it numerous advantages such as light weight, good corrosion resistance, good formality,etc. The gradual replacement of traditional metal materials such as steel and copper with aluminum has become a trend.

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Almost all international automobile brands today have increased the research and development on the application of blank aluminum discs. It is shown that reducing the weight of transportation vehicles is an effective way to reduce fuel consumption. The use of high-strength steel can only reduce the weight of key automotive components, about 10% of the weight. The use of aluminium circle can reduce about 40% of the weight.

In the development of Chinese high-speed rail, light weight is the main way to achieve high speed and heavy load. Compared with all-steel trains with the same weight and similar structure, the aluminum alloy trains not only reduce the weight of the vehicle by 5 tons, but also achieve the goal of increasing the load of each vehicle by 5 tons.

In addition, with the upgrading of power equipment structures, the promotion of wind turbine blades and improvement of farming machine, the demand for round aluminum blanks has been keeping growing rapidly. Welcome to leave message below if you like to order aluminum discs.



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