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What Do China Aluminium Discs Manufacturers Offer You?

Publish: Modify: Aug 19, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

As one of the big China aluminum discs manufacturers, Haomei Aluminum can offer you continuous stamping aluminum circles for cookware. Learn more.

At present, the production of large aluminum circles mainly depends on stamping equipment. In the past, it was basically produced by manual stamping. The disadvantage of this production method is that the production speed is slow and of high production cost.

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Haomei Aluminum, one of the China aluminium discs manufacturers, adopts continuous stamping equipment to automatically stamp aluminum circle on aluminum coils, which not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces the production cost of aluminum circle.

The continuous stamping aluminum discs circle is of exquisite surface, avoiding scratches and oil stains caused by man-made factors in the processing of old equipment. It also has high production efficiency, which can produce 2-3 tons per hour. At the same time, the width slitting process is no longer necessary, and the aluminum coil is directly punched and processed, reducing the processing procedure.

This processing craft directly use hot rolling coils, of which the elongation, internal structure, and grain size are superior to cold-rolled products. As we all know, the current high-end lamps and cookware will undergo surface treatment after processing and forming, that is, anodizing treatment. The continuous stamping aluminum circle has better anodizing effect.

As one of the big aluminum circle for cookware suppliers, Haomei Aluminum has nearly 100 kinds of aluminum wafer stamping dies, mainly producing products between 200mm-800mm. Welcome to leave message below to get a best aluminum circle price.



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