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The Specification of Aluminium Discs For Sale

Publish: Modify: Nov 13, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The general diameter of Haomei aluminum discs for sale is 20-1200 mm. The thickness is 0.3-10 mm. Haomei aluminum round discs is free of any defects. Learn more.

The aluminum discs for sale is a circular aluminum plate processed by continuous stamping equipment. They are usually in O and H temper, which are mainly used in deep drawing industries such as tableware, kitchenware, lampshades, etc.

The aluminium round discs can be divided into cold-rolled aluminum discs and hot-rolled aluminum circle. The hot-rolled aluminum discs have better stretching effect, no orange peel, no wrinkles, and is suitable for anodization. It is certain that its price is higher than that of the cold-rolled aluminum discs.

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The specification of aluminum disc for sale: The general diameter is 20-1200 mm. The thickness is 0.3-10 mm. The automatic blanking device can better ensure that the surface of the aluminum disc is free of scratches and no oil marks, which is very suitable for the manufacture of lamps and kitchen utensils.

The main alloys: The commonly used round aluminum blanks discs are made of 1060 and 3003 aluminum discs. Haomei Aluminum has strict control of the chemical composition and heat treatment process of the aluminum coil, eliminating internal stress.

The mature processing technology also reduces intragranular segregation and structural unevenness, and greatly improves the stretchability and plasticity of the coil material. This ensures that customers can effectively avoid the defect of orange peel and ensure the stretching effect in the later processing.

The aluminium round discs molds: At present, we have aluminum circle molds between 20-1200 mm. All the regular size of aluminum discs have ready-made molds. Non-standard size and special-shaped aluminum discs molds can be customized.



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