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Aluminum Base Plate for CTP Plate

Publish: Modify: Oct 14, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

To get fine multi-grain layer for CTP plate, we need qualilty aluminum base plate such as 1052 aluminum plate as CTP plate subsstrate. Learn more.

Since the CTP plates are mostly used for high-end color printing, the mesh value of the CTP plate substrate is smaller than that of PS plates. The reduction of its fine dots and lines is directly related to the surface roughness of the aluminum base plate, that is, the mesh value of the aluminum plate substrate.

ctp plate substrate.jpg

The general mesh value of CTP plate is 0.45~0.60μm and the ideal value is 0.45~0.55μm. To get finer lattice point , the ctp plate substrate must have good electrolytic performance. The mesh value is also related to the electrolytic process conditions of aluminum plate production.

If we like to obtain a fine and uniform lattice point through electrolysis, it is related to the apparent quality and surface roughness of the aluminum base plate. If the apparent quality of the aluminum base plate is too poor, it needs to strengthen the electrolysis, otherwise it will lead to rough lattice point.

To get a fine and uniform lattice point, the composition of the aluminum base plae is very important. It is related with the content and composition of the trace special metals contained in the aluminum alloy.

Due to the more reasonable content of special metals, 1052 aluminum plate has good physical and mechanical properties and can significantly improve its electrolysis suitability. It is suitable for electrolysis of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid solutions. A fine and uniform multi-grain layer can be formed without strengthening treatment. Welcome to leave message below to get the latest price.



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