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The Uses of 3003 Anodized Aluminum Discs

Publish: Modify: Nov 13, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

3003 aluminium circle, especially the anodized aluminum discs is widely used in making kitchenware, food and chemical product processing and storage devices. Learn more.

3003 aluminium circle is a common kind of aluminum-manganese alloy series. Due to the manganese alloy element, it has excellent anti-rust properties, which is often used in making kitchenware, food and chemical product processing and storage devices. The applications of circular aluminum plate is as the following:

3003 aluminium circle.jpg

1. The inner pots of small household appliances (rice cookers, electric cookers, electric pressure cookers, bread machines, soymilk machines, juicers, air fryer, coffee pots, hot water pots).

2. The inner pot of cookware (non-stick pan, wok, steamer, milk pot, pressure cooker, enamel pot).

3. Various aluminum containers, aluminum pots, aluminum pans, aluminum lids, aluminum boxes, tea boxes, aluminum barrels, aluminum cans, and medicine cans.

4. Kitchenware, cookware, tableware, baking tools, bakeware, cake molds, toast molds.

5. Anodized kitchenware, anodized cookware, and anodized tableware.

6. Hard anodized kitchenware, hard anodized cookware, hard anodized tableware.

7. Lampshades, lighting, energy-saving lamps, street lamps.

8. Hardware parts, metal stamping parts, metal drawing parts, various molds, textile shuttles, etc.

Most of the cooking utensils choose 3003 anodized aluminum discs:

1. After pickling, they are sprayed on one side and anodized on the other side, which is common for rice cooker materials.

2. The double-sided spraying is done after pickling, which does not have high requirements on the surface of the aluminum circle.

3. If it is used to do hard oxidation, it has high requirements for aluminum circle.



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