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Why Aluminium Is Used For Wrapping Of Food Items

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Different forms of aluminum foil can be used for wrapping food items like chocolate due its good shielding performance. Learn more.

Both sides of aluminum foil can be used to wrap food. It is usually recommended to wrap it with a shiny side to improve heat conduction. Food wrapping foil is an odorless packaging material, which will not make the packaged food have any peculiar smell.

Since the aluminum foil itself is not volatile, the packaged aluminum foil will never dry or shrink. No matter in high temperature or low temperature, aluminum foil will not have the phenomenon of grease penetration.

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Chocolate is one of the food items that is often wrapped by aluminum foil. Due to the characteristics of chocolate itself, it is required to meet the requirements of preventing moisture absorption and melting, aroma escape, grease precipitation and rancidity, pollution, and heat during packaging.

Chocolate aluminum foil has the features of moisture-proof, light-proof and heat preservation. Both the inside and outside of the chocolate likes to use it. Another packaging from is composite material. The inner packaging is compounded with PET and aluminum foil to maintain the luster, fragrance and shape of the product.

For food items, aluminum foil tray is also used. It is resistant to high temperature, and has good thermal insulation performance. In addition, open flame heating and microwave heating can be performed. It can also better isolate the contact between food and the outside world, ensuring the aroma and temperature of food.

Flexible packaging is also a common food packaging item. Aluminum foil for food wrapping is only 6.5 microns. This thin aluminum foil repels water, preserves umami, prevents harmful microorganisms and resists stains.

Aluminum foil paper cans not only have the natural advantages of green environmental protection, but compared with ordinary paper cans, the more obvious advantage of aluminum foil paper cans is their good sealing.

The aluminum foil paper can is made of whole paper and food-grade aluminum foil, and the inner film is made of food-grade aluminum foil, which has low water and oxygen permeability, avoiding moisture or oxidation, so as to better ensure product safety.

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