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What’s Specification of Cigarette Aluminum Foil Paper

Publish: Modify: Oct 26, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

Cigarette aluminum foil paper is the largest amount of aluminum used in cigarette packaging. It usually chooses light gauge foil. The common alloys are 8079 and 1235. Learn more.

The use of aluminum in the tobacco packaging industry is mainly the aluminum foil of the cigarette liner, the aluminized layer on the cigarette box (including the cigarette box), and the hot stamping of tipping paper. First of all, cigarette aluminum foil paper is the largest amount of aluminum used in cigarette packaging.

Aluminum foil backing paper is a composite paper of thin paper and aluminum foil. The thickness of the aluminum foil is 0.006mm to 0.007mm. Generally, 0.006mm thick aluminum foil (double zero foil) is used. It is soft and has good extensibility.

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The double zero foil is also light gauge foil. Usually the thickness is 0.0063mm—0.0075mm, and the aluminum foil whose thickness is less than 0.0055 mm is called ultra-thin aluminum foil. It is widely used in aluminum-plastic composite packaging, electrolytic capacitors, air conditioners and battery packaging,etc.

The cigarette foil paper is smooth, flat, of low cost and relatively stable chemical properties. The aluminum foil for cigarette packaging has two main functions: one is to preserve fragrance and the other is to prevent mildew. The common alloys are 8079 and 1235 aluminum foil.

Haomei Aluminum imports Achenbach Buschhutten wide rolling mill, OPTIFOILR slitting machine and coiler, producing 0.00635mm foil. Achenbach aluminum foil production technology consists of rolling mill, rolling mill automation, rolling oil microfiltration system, exhaust gas emission system, slitting machine and coiling machine.

Its slitting technology and slitting machine can can help us slit the aluminum foil as narrow as 10mm. The aluminum foil rolling flue gas treatment system is also one of the main components and key technologies of the rolling mill. Withe those advanced equipment and technology, we can ensure best cigarette aluminum foil for you.



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