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What Is The Wide Application of Aluminum Strips

Publish: Modify: Jul 02, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum strips have a wide application, such as aluminum strip for face mask, transformer and caps. It is helpful to reduce waste and control cost. Learn more.

Aluminum strip is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy col which is rolled into a thin aluminum coil of different thickness and width by a cold rolling machine, and then longitudinally slit into different widths by a slitting machine according to the uses.

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Aluminum strip for face mask

With the outbreak of COVID-19, medical masks such as N95 mask has been a daily necessity for most people. In addition to the 95% filtration efficiency, another factor for the good protection of N95 masks is its close contact to the face. That’s owed to the function of aluminum nose wire.

To make smooth aluminum nose wire with good adhesion, we need to choose quality aluminum strip for masks. 1060 and 3003 aluminum strip are the popular choices. The width is 90-100 mm. The thickness is 0.4-0.5 mm.

Aluminum strip for transformer

Aluminum strip is a key raw material for manufacturing transformer winding and it is obtained by rolling aluminum ingots. It is divided into different grades, specifications and conditions according to the use.

The aluminum strip for dry-type transformers is generally 1060 aluminum strip. Its aluminum content of more than 99.6%, which belongs to a commonly used pure aluminum strip. Its production process is relatively simple, technology is relatively mature, and price has a huge advantage over other high-grade alloy aluminum strips.

With good elongation and tensile strength, it can fully meet the conventional processing requirements. Other types of aluminum strips used for transformer are 1050,1070 and 1035 aluminum strips.

Aluminum strips for caps

The waste in production is always a troublesome problem for the aluminum products manufacturers. If there is too much waste in production, it will increase the cost of the product virtually.

At this time, aluminum strip with proper size will effectively reduce waste and cost, so for some lamps and caps manufacturing enterprises, it is recommend to use aluminum strips.



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