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What Are Advantages of Aluminum Tile Edging Strip

Publish: Modify: May 16, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum tile edging strip is often used for tiles and wooden floors. What are its advantages? Haomei Aluminum provides aluminum strip stock for further processing. Learn more.

Aluminum tile edging strip is an aluminium extruded straight edge profile for the protection and neat finishing of tiled corners and edges. It is chemically treated with a gloss powder coating ,making it resistant to UV radiation, weathering, rain water and most chemicals.

In decoration, the beauty of lines is very important. Smooth lines can not only divide the space, but also enhance the decorative sense of the space. Aluminum edging strip is a decorative trim material that is both aesthetically pleasing and very functional. It can be used as a edging material to enhance the durability of the decoration.

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In addition to tile, aluminum edging strip is also used for wooden floors. There are different materials for floor trimming like copper, stainless steel, PVC, wood, and aluminum alloy, etc. Each with its own advantages. Copper is expensive and easy to oxidize;stainless steel is expensive of single color; PVC is cheap but not durable. Relatively speaking, aluminum strip is of good comprehensive performance.

Aluminum strip for sale has the same degree of wear resistance and durability as copper and stainless steel. Because its surface is treated by anodizing process, the color is rich and varied, and it is not easy to be oxidized and discolored, and the price is much lower than the two.

Aluminum edging strips are used for trimming lines, closing lines and frame borders for decorative mirror surfaces. It has the advantages of light weight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, etc. Let’s list some advantages of the aluminum tile trim.

1. Strong decoration: It plays the role of color transition and coordination in the interior, and uses metal lines to harmoniously match the adjacent color differences.

2. Stable performance: The metal edge trim is not affected by climatic conditions and has stable performance; at the same time, it is anti-collision, moisture-proof and impact-proof.

3. Easy installation: The installation of metal edge trim saves labor and materials. For corners, tile or stone, no grinding is required and can be easily installed.

4. Wide range of applications: It is not only used in the architectural decoration industry, but also in art decoration, hotels, clubs and other places.

Haomei Aluminum provides aluminum strip stock for further processing. Welcome to leave message below to inquire aluminum strip price.

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