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What Are Uses of Food Aluminum Foil

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Haomei food aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging, food container, barbecue and cooking. What requirements does the qualified food grade aluminum foil needs to meet? Learn more.

Haomei food aluminum foil complies with the regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration FDA on food packaging materials. The total content of lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium in aluminum foil complies with EU Council Directive 94/62/EC. It is used for aseptic food packaging, drug packaging and cooking.

Thin gauge aluminum foil is lightweight compared to other metal and paper alternatives and forms a strong barrier against light, dirt, bacteria and moisture. These characteristics make food grade aluminum foil an important material for secure packaging, suitable for aseptic packaging of food, beverages and other products that need to maintain freshness, flavor and nutritional value during transportation and storage.

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Barbecue has become a way for people to gather for leisure and entertainment. In barbecue, we like to use aluminum foil. The barbecue aluminum foil is required to be food-grade and have good airtightness. The commonly used alloys are 8006 and 8011 aluminum foil. Its advantage is that it not only preserves the deliciousness of the food, but also prevents oil stains from sticking to the oven.

In developed countries in Europe and the United States, aluminum foil products have been widely used in the baking industry like egg tart trays, dessert trays, bread paper, cake trays, etc. Even in today's Middle East and Southeast Asia, the use of aluminum foil products in the baking industry has become more popular and extensive.

China's food industry is in an important period of vigorous development. The appearance of aluminum foil for food packaging has greatly improved the level of food processing and accelerated the modernization of people's dietary life. There are two main applications of aluminum foil in food packaging: one is aluminum-plastic or aluminum-paper composite packaging; the other is aluminum-plastic-paper multilayer composite packaging.

Aluminum foil container is resistant to high temperature, oil, acid and alkali. The raw material of Haomei aluminum foil provides food-grade SGS report. Compared with other packaging materials, aluminum foil can maintain food flavor faster and better. Food-grade aluminum foil has undergone strict pinhole detection, degreasing process and shape control. The product safety and sanitation meet food-grade requirements, and has the advantages of high elongation.

As a big aluminum foil supplier in China, Haomei food aluminum foil jumbo roll has gone through many tests such as bacteria and mold, and heavy metal does not exceed 0.25ppm, which meets the food-grade aluminum foil standard and is harmless to the human body.

Testing items for conventional food aluminum foil

Sensory: sensory test, decolorization experiment.

Specific migration: lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), arsenic (As), antimony (Sb), zinc (Zn) and other heavy metal migration.

Comprehensive migration: formaldehyde, phenol, aromatic amines, vinyl chloride, vinylidene chloride, styrene, acrylonitrile, caprolactam, bisphenol A, plasticizers (phthalates: DEHP, DINP, DNOP, DBP, DMP , DEP) migration/residue, etc.

Toxic and harmful substances detection: heavy metal lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), mercury (Hg) content detection; content detection of polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers, etc.

Microbiological indicators: total bacterial count detection, coliform group detection, mold detection, pathogenic bacteria detection (Shigella detection, Salmonella detection, Staphylococcus aureus detection), commercial sterility detection, etc.

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