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The Uses of Aluminum Tape Roll

Publish: Modify: May 12, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum tape roll is widely used in various electronic products and duct protection. Welcome to learn more about aluminum tape for ductwork.

Aluminum tape home depot is of good adhesion, anti-aging effect and thermal insulation performance. The purity of aluminum tape roll is higher 99.95%. Its function is to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI), isolate the electromagnetic waves from harming the human body, and avoid affecting the function by voltage and current.


Therefore, it is widely used for all kinds of electronic products such as transformers, mobile phones, computer peripherals, PDA, PDP, LED displays, copiers, etc. where electromagnetic shielding is required.

Aluminum foil tape is an industrial self adhesive tape, a new type of external anti-corrosion protective material with high anti-ultraviolet resistance. It can be be used for anti-corrosion protection of oil, gas, water, heating overhead pipelines or tower structures in those projects such as petroleum and chemical plant.

Aluminum tape for duct work is also widely used in refrigerators and air conditioners, mainly for sealing and fixing:

  • The evaporator pipe is covered with aluminum foil tape to avoid the foam material from wrapping the pipe, which prevent the foam material from corroding the pipe.

  • It is used to fix the pipeline inside the box to avoid the deformation of the pipeline caused by the extrusion of foamed material during foaming.

  • It is used to fix the condenser and speed up the heat transfer. The condenser of most refrigerators is covered with aluminum foil tape. Because the heat transfer effect of aluminum is better, which has a certain protective effect for the condenser.



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