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The Uses of Brushed Gold Aluminum Sheet

Publish: Modify: Jan 07, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

The brushed gold aluminum sheet is widely used in aluminum-plastic panels, fire-resistant lighting panel, consumer electronics, house number, hanging ornaments, decoration,etc.

The processing process of the brushed god aluminum sheet is actually very simple. Under the action of external force, the aluminum sheet is forced through the mold, the cross-sectional area of the metal is compressed, and the required cross-sectional area shape is obtained. There are three parts: degreasing, sand mill, and washing.

After the aluminum plate has completed the wire drawing process, it is then subjected to anodizing treatment, so that an oxide film can be formed on the surface of the aluminum plate. Anodizing process flow includes degreasing, washing, alkaline etching, washing, neutralizing, washing, anodic oxidation, washing, sealing, washing with water, etc.

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Besides the popular gold color, the brushed aluminum sheet has bronze, green, stainless steel color, blue, red, silver, copper, black, pink, brass, bronze, matter color. What are its main uses? Let’s have a look.

Anti-corrosion aluminum sheet

The brushed aluminum sheet metal has very good corrosion resistance, which almost at a far leading level in the aluminum sheet industry. Therefore, it is widely used in some fields with high anti-corrosion requirements, such as aluminum-plastic panels, fire-resistant lighting panel and consumer electronics.

Signs making

Another important application of the brushed gold aluminum sheet is the production of logos and signs, which are mainly aimed at some high-end brand logos, such as house number and hanging ornaments.

Indoor and outdoor decoration

The brushed aluminum sheet is very common in indoor and outdoor decoration such as exquisite cabinets, doors and windows, veneer panels, aluminum photo frames, etc.

Luggage production

The production of exquisite luggage and bags also involves the application of the brushed aluminium sheet metal. The bags made of the brushed aluminium sheet are relatively long-lasting and more beautiful.

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