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The Types of Automotive Aluminum Sheet

Publish: Modify: Jan 07, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

The main types of automotive aluminum sheet include 6060, 5182, 5083 and 6061 aluminum sheet, etc. What are their properties and functions? Learn more.

The light weight of the automotive is a developing trend, therefore the market demand for automotive aluminum sheet keeps expanding. The aluminium alloys for car body include 6060, 5182, 5083 and 6061 aluminum sheet, etc.

The main elements of 6060 aluminum plate is mostly magnesium and silicon. It has medium strength, good corrosion resistance and excellent welding performance, which is often used for car door, wing board, fuel tank,etc.

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The car fender is used to cover the wheels of the car body. The main function of the fender is to prevent the sand, gravel, mud, etc. rolled up by the wheel from splashing into the bottom of the carriage during the driving process. 5182 aluminum sheet with table mechanical properties, good workability and weldability, corrosion resistance and good formability is a common choice.

The air reservoir is another storage device in the automobile brake system,which is used to store the gas compressed by the air compressor. 5083 aluminum plate has been used to make the air reservoir. It common width is 100-2650 mm and the thickness is 0.3-500 mm.

The car hub is the part where the axle is installed in the center of the wheel. It is an important part connecting the brake drum, the wheel and the half axle. The owner must consider the safety of the hub, so the selection of the car hub is particularly important. At present, 6061 aluminum sheet for automobile wheels are recommended for better performance.

The difference in technology, material selection, and process makes the 6061-O aluminum sheet for automobile wheels vary a lot. In addition, the 6061 aluminum sheet price needs to be considered in conjunction with the sum of the aluminum ingot price, shipping cost and the aluminum plate processing cost.



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