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How to Use Microwave Aluminum Foil Correctly

Publish: Modify: Jan 24, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

We often use food aluminum foil for cooking, bu can we microwave aluminum foil? How to microwave food wrapped in aluminum foil correctly? There are some tips.

We often wrap cooked food in aluminum foil, which can keep warm and improve heat transfer. But can we use aluminum foil when we microwave food?

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Uses of food aluminum foil

Food aluminum foil can wrap the food when grilling to prevent it from being burnt. This thin layer of aluminum is waterproof, umami-preserving, bacteria- and stain-resistant. It is also often used to make foil tray or food container.

Utensils that cannot be placed in the wave oven

The utensils used in cooking cannot use metal and enamel products, because metal has a reflection effect on microwaves, which not only reduces the heating efficiency of microwave ovens, but also may cause sparks. In severe cases, the magnetron will be damaged.

How to microwave aluminum foil correctly

Aluminum foil will reflect microwaves. If it takes a long time to cook food, you can use a small amount of aluminum foil to wrap the easy-to-cook part. After cooking for a while, remove the aluminum foil and continue cooking, so that the food can be cooked more evenly. However, you need to turn the shiny side towards the food to reduce the reflected energy.

Large amounts of aluminum foil cannot be used. Since microwaves have high energy, it will make the electrons in the metal material extremely active. When it reaches a certain level, it will discharge sparks or flashes.

The aluminum food container can be also used in the microwave oven, but pay attention to its method when using it:

1. The microwave oven can only use one aluminum foil lunch box at a time.

2. The lunch box cannot touch the four walls of the microwave oven (At least 2cm away from the wall of the microwave).

3. The lunch box should be placed in the middle of the microwave (Note: If your microwave is metal, place a ceramic or glass tray under the lunch box).

4. The food should fill the lunch box (at least about 80% of the entire lunch box).

5. Please tear off the aluminum cover before use (open the cover, do not seal and heat).

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