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How to Ensure Quality of Aluminum Strip for Transformer

Publish: Modify: Jan 12, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminum strip for transformer is mainly for dry-type transformers. How to ensure its quality? There is a detailed analysis from Haomei, transformer aluminium strip manufacturer.

The aluminum strip for transformer is mainly used for internal winding of dry-type transformers. The appearance quality should be neat in section, rounded corners, free of burrs, roll marks, black lines, bright spots, scratches. How to ensure its quality?


Usually the aluminum strip scratches almost always occur during the slitting process. During the slitting process, if there are foreign objects in the equipment, the whole batch of aluminum strip will have defects. Therefore, the slitting worker should check and clean up foreign objects on the production line before processing.

The quality of aluminum ingot also has some effect on the the finished aluminum strip quality. When there are a lot of segregation floats on the surface of the ingot and the ingot has not been homogenized or the effect of homogenization is not good, these segregated or hard metal particles will adhere to the surface of the working belt or cause damage to the working belt, which eventually scratch the surface of the aluminum strip during the manufacturing process of aluminum strip.

Some irregular operation will also cause the scratches of aluminum metal strips. It may happen when the fork rod sends the aluminum strip from the discharge rail to the swing bed or aluminum strips are dragged on the swing bed to cause scratches. The aluminum strips are rubbed or squeezed to cause damage during transportation.

How to prevent these situations happen? As a big transformer aluminum strip manufacturer, Haomei Aluminum has the following tips:

  • Strengthen the quality control of the ingot.

  • Minimize the contact damage between the aluminum strip and the auxiliary equipment.

  • Try to prevent random dragging or flipping of the aluminum strip and timely clean up foreign objects on the slitting equipment.

  • Handle with care during production. Try to prevent mutual friction.

  • Arrange aluminum strips reasonably in the material frame.



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