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Aluminum Circle Plate for Small Appliances and Nonstick Pan in Mexico

Publish: Modify: May 22, 2023Author: From:  Haomei

The small cooking appliance market is expanding due to the "stay-at-home economy". And aluminum circle plate has been a main material for cookware in Mexico and many other countries. Learn more.

Since 2020, due to the continuous impact of the global new crown epidemic crisis, a round of "stay-at-home economy" sweeping the world has gradually emerged. Among them, the most representative one is the small cooking appliance market such as rice cookers, electric hot pots, air fryers and nonstick pan. Currently popular small cooking appliances on the market, except for a small part of which use stainless steel, cast iron or ceramics, most of the raw materials used in cooking are aluminum circle plate.

Compared with stainless steel, cast iron and ceramics, the use of aluminum circles for utensils in Mexico will make the product lighter and more suitable for women, especially those who live alone. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is far superior to that of other materials. Compared with rice cookers using stainless steel and other materials for inner pots, it saves time and energy. The non-stick property of aluminum alloy is also stronger, which is more conducive to cleaning and healthy eating.

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0.3-6.0mm aluminum disc is currently the most widely used aluminum circle in small cooking appliances. At the same time, it is also widely used in can sealing, traffic signs, lamp shades and other products. And when it is applied to kitchen supplies, its requirements for product quality and craftsmanship are also stricter.

Generally, the common aluminum discs are mainly 1050-O or 1050 semi hard. This state will not crack during stamping, spinning and other steps in the later production process. The electrical appliances and pots produced by the aluminum circles have good heat dissipation, no rust, light weight and long service life. The ductility of aluminum is very good. Once stamped and stretched, the deep mouth pot will be formed.

Haomei Aluminum has advanced production lines, such as casting, extrusion, rolling, oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying and fully automatic rolling production lines. All products are produced in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality system certification standards, equipped with direct-reading spectrometers imported from Germany and many other precision testing equipment to ensure product quality. In addition, we also have a continuous annealing production line, which greatly shortens the delivery cycle and ensures uniform mechanical properties of the aluminium circle.

Our aluminum discs are in compliance with RoHS and REACH environmental protection standards. In terms of product performance, due to the good control of the grain size and elongation of the hot-rolled aluminum plate in the early stage, the excellent deep drawing and spinning performance of the aluminium circle is guaranteed.

At the same time, the perfect quality management process has increased the qualification rate of Haomei aluminium circle to 98%, effectively reducing energy consumption, improving the production efficiency of wafers and the utilization rate of materials.



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