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1060 Aluminum Strip for Face Mask

Publish: Modify: May 27, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Hamei Aluminum, a big aluminum strip supplier, has 1060 aluminum strip for face mask. Its manufacturing process is very strict. Learn more.

N95 mask is one of 9 kinds of particle protective masks certified by NIOSH National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. In addition to the 95% filtration efficiency of the n95 mask, another important factor is that the mask is very close to the face. This is why the n95 uses an aluminum nose wire.

For getting quality aluminum nose wire, we should ensure the quality of the raw material, that is aluminum strip for face mask. The common ones are 1060 aluminum strip and 3003 aluminum strip. What’s the manufacturing process?

The processing requirements of 1060 aluminum strip is very strict. To improve efficiency and reduce cost, we conduct a series of production experiments. In this experiment, the production process of 1060 aluminum strip is determined through the systematic tests of chemical composition, mechanical properties, electrical properties, and micro-structure.


The specification of raw material:

Thickness: 7.0mm, 8.5mm

Width: 830mm

Process flow:

Cast-rolled -cold rolling-finishing straightening-strip shearing-finished product annealing

Experimental program:

Take some samples for annealing experiment. The annealing temperature is respectively 200 ℃, 220 ℃, 240 ℃, 260 ℃, 280 ℃, 300 ℃, 320 ℃, 340 ℃, 360 ℃ and 380 ℃. The final annealing process: the furnace gas is set at a temperature of 390 ℃ and the aluminum trip is heated for 11 hours, kept for 1 hour, and air-cooled after being released.


The manufacturing process of 1060 aluminum strip: casting(8.5 mm blank)-cold rolling-straightening and bending-shearing-finished product annealing. According to the above process, we can produce 1060 aluminum strip with the same quality as hot rolled coil.

It is of excellent mechanical properties, and qualified electrical conductivity, and its performance and thickness accuracy of aluminum strip can meet user requirements. As an aluminum strip supplier, our aluminum strip can not only be use for face masks, but also for caps, lamp base, fins,transformer winding.



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