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What’s The Market of Aluminum Bottle Cap Material

Publish: Modify: Jun 12, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Since the demand for aluminum cap is strong, the market of aluminum bottle cap material is also promising. Haomei offer yous superior aluminum strip for caps. Learn more!

Aluminum bottle cap material is mainly used for the cap closure of alcohol, beverage (including steam and non-steam), cosmetics and medical bottles, which can meet the special requirements of high temperature cooking and sterilization.

Aluminum bottle caps are mostly processed on a highly automatic production line, so the requirements on the strength, elongation and dimensional deviation of the aluminum cap closure material are very strict, otherwise it will produce cracks or creases during processing.

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The common aluminum sheet, foil and aluminum strip for caps are 1060,3105,5052, 8011,etc. The aluminum bottle cap material thickness is generally 0.20-0.23 mm and width is 449-796 mm. Its production crafts include hot rolling, cold rolling, continuous casting and continuous rolling.

The market of aluminum caps has direct effect on the consumption of aluminum bottle cap material. In recent years, the demand for aluminum caps is growing rapidly. At present, most of our liquor, red wine, medicinal wine and beverage are packaged with glass bottle and many of the caps are made of aluminum.

According to the relevant data in China, the annual output of liquor in recent years has been around 8 million tons, and about 50% of the wine bottles use aluminum pilfer proof caps. Internationally, most of the wine caps also use aluminum caps because of its easy opening and fine printing. In addition, aluminum caps is ECO-friendly and recyclable.

Since the demand for aluminum caps keeps increasing, the market of aluminum bottle cap material is also promising. In order to win a step in the manufacturing of aluminum bottle cap material, Haomei Aluminum has imported several hot rolling production lines. Welcome to inquire from us directly.



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