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What Properties Make Aluminum Ideal for Making Food Containers?

Publish: Modify: Nov 01, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

Food container aluminum foil is cheap, durable, lightweight, non-toxic, oil proof and recyclable. So it is an ideal choice for making food containers. 8011 and 3003 aluminum foils are used. Learn more.

Food container aluminum foil is cheap, durable, lightweight, non-toxic and oil-proof. In addition, aluminum foil can block many chemicals, bacteria, moisture and gas, and has good electromagnetic properties and non-magnetic barrier effect. So it is widely used in making food container and tray.

Aluminum food container can meet the requirements of easy recycling, green environmental protection, water resistance, and high temperature resistance. But the high price restricts the development of aluminum foil. The competitive advantages of aluminum foil packaging are mainly concentrated in medium and high-end food, as well as in areas with high requirements for heat resistance.

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At present, aluminum foil tray that can be heat-sealed and can be sterilized at high temperature and pressure are also widely used in pies, luncheon meat, airtight jars, sauces, jams and processed cheeses, coffee milk, vegetarian paste and other products that require a long shelf life hermetically sealed packaging.

Food aluminum foils have many alloy grades, including 1060, 3003, 8011,etc. The high barrier properties, moisture resistance and oxidation resistance of aluminum foil can isolate food from oxygen, water vapor, stains, etc., creating an excellent storage environment for food. Aluminum foil has many excellent physical properties, such as high mechanical strength, impact resistance and strong puncture resistance can protect food from extrusion, impact and vibration.

Both 3003 and 8011 can be used as raw materials for aluminum foil container. If the temper is H24, he elongation of 3003 is lower than that of 8011 aluminum foil, but the tensile strength of 3003 aluminum foil is higher.

The cold-rolled or hot-rolled aluminum foil jumbo roll with uniform thickness, smooth surface and no peculiar smell ban be made into food tray by a one-time automatic cold stamping forming process of aluminum foil container machinery and molds. Haomei Aluminum has introduced advanced Zhuoshen Foil Rolling Mill and ANDRITZ Profile Roller, which provides a guarantee for the realization of high-quality aluminum foil.

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