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What Are The Main Properties of Food Grade Aluminum Foil

Publish: Modify: May 08, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

With many superior properties, food grade aluminum foil has a wide application. Knowing which properties is needed for your aluminum foil for food packaging is very important. Learn more!

Food grade aluminum foil is an odorless, non-toxic and opaque packaging material, which can directly contact with food without any worries that can harm human health. Therefore it is widely used in food packaging in various forms.

The properties of aluminum foil for food packaging has great effect on whether it can meet your specific need. What are the main properties of food aluminum foil?


Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of aluminum foil mainly include tensile strength, elongation, and crack strength, which is mainly determined by the thickness. In general, aluminum foil is light in weight, good in ductility, thin in thickness, and small in mass per unit area.

However, it is low in strength and easy to tear, and it is easy to break and produce perforations when folded, so it is generally not used alone for packaging products. In many cases, it is compounded with other plastic films and paper to overcome its shortcomings.

High barrier

Food grade aluminium foil has a high barrier to water, water vapor, light, and fragrance, and is not affected by the environment and temperature. Therefore, it is often used in fragrance-preserving packaging, moisture-proof packaging, etc. to prevent moisture absorption, oxidation and volatile deterioration of the goods.

Corrosion resistance

An oxide film is naturally formed on the surface of the aluminum foil. The formation of the oxide film can further prevent the continuation of oxidation. Therefore, when the content of the package has high acidity or alkalinity, it is often coated with a protective coating or PE on the surface to improve Its corrosion resistance.

Heat resistance and low temperature resistance

The aluminum foil is stable at high and low temperatures. It does not expand and contract when the temperature is between -73 ~ 371 ℃, and it has good thermal conductivity, and its thermal conductivity can reach 55%. Therefore, it can be used not only for high temperature cooking or other thermal processing, but also for frozen packaging.

Light shielding property

Aluminum foil has a good light-shielding property, its reflectivity can be as high as 95%, and its appearance is silver-white metallic luster. The surface printing decoration can show good packaging and decoration effects, so aluminum foil is also a high-end packaging material.

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