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Types of Aluminium Foil For Food Packaging

Publish: Modify: Jan 15, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

There are generally two types of aluminum foil for food packaging: flexible package and aluminum foil containers. What are the advantages and requirements of aluminum packaging for food? Learn more.

Aluminum foil is widely used in packaging. It can be used to package items individually. Another popular form is to make composite materials with paper and plastic films. The main types of aluminum foil for food packaging are flexible packaging and aluminum foil container.

Aluminum Packaging for Food

1579080741193981.jpgAluminum foil has long been used as a barrier layer in flexible packaging. Aluminum foil for flexible packaging is mainly used for packaging of various foods such as convenience foods, beverages, and cooked foods, which greatly improves the mechanized production level of the food and beverage industry.

There are two main applications of aluminum packaging for food: one is aluminum-plastic or aluminum-paper composite packaging; the other is aluminum, plastic, and paper composite packaging, namely Tetra Pak.

Appearance of aluminum foil for flexible packaging: neat cross-section of aluminum foil, no crack edges, no loose coil, no bump, etc.

Food Foil Packaging
: Aluminum Foil Container

In restaurants around the world, aluminum containers are used very frequently. Restaurants use these containers to package up customers take-out orders. The advantages of aluminum foil containers:

  • Non-toxic raw materials, safe to use.aluminum foil container.jpg

  • Aluminum foil can be safely contacted with food and will not contain bacterial or help it grow. In most cases, aluminum foil will not react with food.

  • Convenient heating. No harmful substances are generated after heating.

  • Aluminum foil containers are ideal for high temperature sterilization and heat sealing.

  • Easy to shape, seal and cover and hygiene

  • Aluminum foil has good moldability. So it can use lids made of aluminum foil as well as paper or other materials.

  • Strong preservation ability can avoid being scattered or contaminated during food storage and transportation, and significantly reduce food waste.

  • Aluminum foil container has strong barrier properties, which can protect the original flavor of food after sealing and extend the shelf life of food.



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