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The Uses of Kitchen Aluminum Foil

Publish: Modify: May 16, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum foil is one of the most versatile items in the kitchen. What are the uses of kitchen foil? It can be used for baking, kitchen cleaning, cream preservation, funnel,etc. Learn more.

Aluminum foil is one of the most versatile items in the kitchen. The food grade aluminum foil includes 1235, 1060, 1100, 3003, 8011, 8021, 8079,etc. It has outstanding advantages in gas barrier, moisture permeability, hygiene and safety, production efficiency, recyclability and environmental protection,etc. What are the uses of kitchen foil?

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In the kitchen, aluminum foil is often used to wrap food, especially when baking bread or heating food. If the food is directly brought into the oven for roasting, it is prone to uneven heating and slow heating.

If the food is wrapped in aluminum foil and then baked, the heat source of the oven is transmitted to the aluminum foil and then to the food, so that the closed space between food and the aluminum foil will generate water vapor and hot air, which can not only heat the food evenly, but also speed up the heating process.

Cover of grinding board

After ginger and garlic are ground into mud on the grinding board, the residues are always stuck in the gaps of the grinding board, which is troublesome to clean and easy to cut hands. Lay the aluminum foil paper bright side up on the grinding board and then grind the mud, and the ingredients will not be stuck.

Cream preservation

The unpacked cream can be wrapped in aluminum foil and then stored in the refrigerator. The preservation effect is better than that of plastic wrap. This is because aluminum foil has better barrier properties than plastic wrap, which can isolate most of the air, moisture and light.

Removing stains

As long as it is a metal pan, it can be wiped with aluminum foil ball. For example, you can scrub off the scorch on a barbecue grill, or an oven.


If you need to pour things and you don't have a funnel in the kitchen, roll the aluminum foil paper into a cone. It can hold any liquid, even high temperatures.

Store bananas

Wrap the bottom of the banana stem (tail) in foil and put the fruit in the fridge, they will last much longer than usual.

Cabinet protection

Aluminum foil has the effect of blocking oil stains, so we put a layer of aluminum foil on the bottom and compartment of the cabinet. Even if some seasonings are accidentally spilled, it is very easy to clean up, avoid oil stains from eroding the cabinet and prolong the service life of the cabinet.

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