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The Manufacturing Process of Aluminum Trim Coil 24 x 50

Publish: Modify: Feb 26, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The are four steps mainly to manufacture aluminum rim coil 24x50. The aluminum trim coil prices is always changing, welcome to get price directly from Haomei Aluminum.

Color coated aluminum coil is the aluminum coil with coloring treatment, which has different coatings and sizes. Aluminum trim coil 24x50 is a common size. What is its manufacturing process?

After the following processes of cleaning, chromizing, roller coating, baking,etc., the surface of the aluminum coils are coated with various colors of paint.


1. Cleaning and Pretreatment

Aluminum coils are repeatedly washed with water spray. This method is helpful for saving water for the water can be reused. The pretreatment is necessary, which improve the anti-corrosion performance of the aluminum coil and the adhesion of the painting.

At this stage, the conversion film is formed on the aluminum surface through chemical methods, and effective processing method is used to improve product quality,thus avoiding the waste of raw material.

2. The Coating Process

The coating process of aluminum coil is divided into two steps: base coating and top coating. In the first stage, the aluminum coil passes through a roller coating machine, which is coated on one or both sides with a primer.

After baking, the aluminum coil passes through the second roller coating machine and at this time, one side or both sides of the aluminum coil are coated with a paint. The color can be customized according to aluminum trim coil color chart.

3. Cure

The aluminum coil passes through the curing furnace where a proper temperature is set to remove the volatile on the aluminum coil and ensure the complete cure of the coating. According to the requirement of the coating system, the curing temperature is set between 200-300 ℃, a key technical point to ensure product quality.

In order to protect environment and control cost, the mist of the solvent is evaporated at high temperature to heat the curing furnace.

4. The Following Process

Coated aluminum coils can be further processed into other shapes: rolling gates, slitting or pressurized patterns. Aluminum trim coil 24 x 50 is finished in this step.

When using trim coil in different fields, different colors and coatings can be selected according to different requirements, so they can have a better performance. The aluminum trim coil prices is affected by many factors, so welcome to contact us for the latest price if you like to buy.



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