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Food Tray Aluminum Foil Jumbo

Publish: Modify: Aug 01, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

The food tray aluminum foil is usually 8011 or 3003 jumbo aluminum foil. It can protect food from light, UV radiation, grease, water vapor, oxygen and microorganisms. What are other advantages? Learn more.

Aluminum foil packaging is lightweight, flexible and easy to recycle. In addition, it is hygienic, non-toxic, and helps maintain the aroma of food. It keeps food fresh for a long time and provides protection from light, UV radiation, grease, water vapor, oxygen and microorganisms. It not only prevents food spoilage and contamination, but often improves appearance, thereby appealing to more targeted consumer groups.

Food tray aluminum foil generally uses the latest and most scientific aluminum foil surface coating treatment technology and high temperature disinfection and decontamination treatment technology. The aluminum foil containers have been used for aviation, ships, hotels and other industries.

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Aluminum foil for food container is made of primary aluminum alloy and rolled through multiple processes. There are no harmful substances such as heavy metals. In the production process of aluminum foil, a high temperature annealing and sterilization process is used, so the aluminum foil can be safely contacted with food and will not contain or facilitate the growth of bacteria.

Aluminum foil has high conductivity and thermal stability. During processing and packaging, aluminum foil utensils can withstand temperature changes well. Under the high and low temperature of -20°C-250°C, the molecular structure is stable and unchanged.

Aluminum foil tray generally has a thickness between 0.03mm and 0.2mm, which can be divided into two types: wrinkled and wrinkle-free. After cold rolling or hot rolling, the aluminum foil with uniform thickness, smooth surface and no peculiar smell are further processed into foil tray. The jumbo aluminum foil chosen for making food tray is usually 8011 or 3003.

The jumbo aluminum foil has the following advantages:

1. Aluminum foil only reacts to high concentrations of acids and alkalis, otherwise it has strong corrosion resistance.

2. Aluminum foil has strong dimensional stability even in the soft state.

3. Aluminum foil can be recycled many times.

4. Aluminum foil does not absorb liquids.

5. Aluminum foil is generally more durable.

6. The efficient storage of aluminum-packaged food and beverages reduces the need for cooling, causing them to spoil more slowly.

7. In addition, the lighter weight of aluminum reduces the energy required during transportation.



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