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Double Zero Gauge Aluminum Foil

Publish: Modify: Sep 21, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The double zero aluminum foil is widely used in packaging, but to get quality light gauge foil, you need to find an experienced aluminum foil producer. Learn more.

Due its special physical properties and numerous advantages such as light weight, airghtness and good covering, double zero aluminum foil has better packaging performance than traditional paper and plastic. At present, in addition to the electrolytic capacitors, more than 90% of packaging aluminum foil uses double zero aluminum foil.

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At present, about 70% of aluminum foil abroad is produced with hot-rolled billets, while more than 80% of aluminum foil produced in China is produced with cast-rolled billets. At present, there are not many domestic and foreign manufacturers that can produce high-quality ultra-thin double zero aluminum foil.

Since the structural defects of aluminum foil blanks are hereditary, as the thickness of the material decreases, various defects inside the blanks, such as impurity, bubbles, and coarse particles become more obvious, which seriously affect the subsequent rolling and the quality of the finished products. Therefore, the quality of the aluminum foil blank is the basis for the production of light gauge foil.

At present, it is mainly to control the formation, transformation, quantity, size and distribution of alloy phases by changing the alloys, the solid solubility of trace elements, rolling processing and heat treatment to improve the rolling performance of aluminum foil blanks.

To further reduce the thickness of aluminum foil to obtain high-quality aluminum foil products, reasonable alloy design and process optimization must be adopted to reduce the deformation resistance of the material as much as possible, reduce the work hardening rate, and make the aluminum foil blank have an excellent structure, thereby improving the rolling performance of aluminum foil blanks.

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