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China Anodized Aluminum Discs

Publish: Modify: Dec 21, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The China anodized aluminum discs is very popular. What are the uses of the large aluminum discs with an anodized film? Learn more.

Why is the China anodized aluminum discs so popular? The anodizing process of aluminum can achieve the dual purpose of protection and decoration, such as wear-resistant layer, electrical insulation layer, spray paint bottom layer and electroplating bottom layer.

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1. Prevent corrosion

Since the film layer obtained by anodic oxidation has sufficient stability in the atmosphere, the oxide film on the aluminum surface can be used as a protective layer. It also can improve the strength of aluminum circle.

2. Strong decorative and protective function

The anodised aluminum discs can absorb many kinds of organic dyes and inorganic dyes, so it has various bright colors. This color film is both an anti-corrosion layer and a decorative layer. Under some special process conditions, a protective and decorative oxide film similar in appearance to porcelain can also be obtained.

3. A hard wear layer

A thick and hard Al2O3 film layer can be obtained on the surface of aluminum alloy by hard anodizing. This kind of film not only has high hardness and thickness, but also low roughness. The porous thick oxide film can store lubricating oil, so it can be effectively applied to aluminum products that work under friction, such as the engine cylinders and pistons of automobiles and tractors.

4. An electrical insulating layer

The anodized aluminum discs has a certain effect on improving the electrical insulation of some products. Anodizing can be used to prepare the dielectric layer of the capacitor.

5. The bottom layer of paint coating

Due to the porosity and good adsorption capacity of the anodic oxide film, it can be used as the bottom layer of paint coating and and other organic films, so that the paint film and the organic film are firmly combined with the aluminum discs, thereby increasing its corrosion resistance.

6. The bottom layer of electroplating

must be coated with a base layer before electroplating. There are many methods for applying the bottom layer on the substrate surface. Anodizing is also one of its important methods.

That’s why the large aluminum discs with the anodized film is so popular in making high-end products such as cookware. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the best price.



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