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The Uses of Utensils Aluminum Circle

Publish: Modify: Jun 04, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The utensils aluminum circle is widely used in manufacturing cookware, hardware and appliance. Learn more about aluminum circle for pot.

The utensils aluminum circle is of good heat dissipation, conductivity, corrosion resistance and light weight, therefore it is widely used in manufacturing cookware, hardware and appliance. Now lets’ have a look together.


1. Aluminum circle for pot

Today’s customers has higher requirements for kitchen utensils that they need to be both practical and aesthetic. Aluminum circle exactly can satisfy these two points, so it is often used to make non-stick pans, pressure cookers, pot, etc. The elegant appearance of aluminum pot is perfectly in accordance with the modern kitchen style.

2. Aluminum circle for hardware

Many common hardware products in life are made of aluminum discs circle such as lamp cover, lamps, water heater shells, glass window locks,etc. Many hardware products choose aluminum circle because of its excellent corrosion resistance and forgeability, which can be made into the required shape to meet the design needs of many lamps and lampshades.

At the same time, the aluminum circle after secondary processing can be made into various electrical enclosures, which is especially suitable for the hardware industry.

3. Household appliances

Household appliances are indispensable daily necessities, which should be not only beautiful and durable, but also safe. With excellent thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, weather resistance and corrosion resistance, they are often used to make electric kettles, heat transfer chassis, rice cooker liners, etc.

In addition to the above uses, aluminum circle is also widely used in medicine, electronics, daily chemical and auto parts. As a big aluminum circle for pot supplier, Haomei has comprehensive sizes of aluminum circles for you. Welcome to inquire from us directly.



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