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An Overview of Aluminum Foil Battery

Publish: Modify: Aug 09, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum foil battery is widely used for lithium-ion battery. The common alloys are 1060, 1070, 1235, 3003 and 1100 aluminum foil. Learn more.

Why is aluminum foil battery used for the positive electrode? There are three factors. Firstly, as a metal material, aluminum is in the middle of its activity. A protective film of aluminum oxide is formed in the air. It is of high chemical potential and good corrosion resistance.

Secondly, in terms of mechanical properties, it is easy to process, has good mechanical strength, and has good thermal and electrical conductivity, which can be welded and riveted. Finally, in terms of cost, the reserves are large and the cost is low.

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New research in the lithium-ion battery industry has found that by etching and roughening the surface of the aluminum (Al) alloy foil used as the positive collector of the lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the charge and discharge characteristics of the battery can be improved.

Compared with the aluminum foil without surface treatment, the binding force between the aluminum foil and the active material after the surface roughening treatment has significantly improved the charging and discharging characteristics of the battery. This plays an important role in the development of rechargeable batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as rechargeable batteries for power storage for wind power generation and solar power generation.

The inspection of incoming materials by general battery companies includes outer packaging, appearance, thickness, width, areal density, material, welding performance, tensile strength, elongation, etc. Aluminum foils of different thicknesses and materials have internal detection standards.

As the energy density of power batteries increases, the aluminum foil as the current collector is getting thinner and thinner, so it is required to have lower impurity content, less self-discharge, better thickness uniformity, higher surface tension, and better bonding performance, thinner thickness, higher strength, higher conductivity, suitable elongation, etc.

Aluminum foil has good thermal and electrical conductivity, and is usually used in the current collector of lithium-ion batteries as a positive electrode current collector. Lithium-ion battery aluminum foil is mainly 1 series and 3 series. The common alloys are 1060, 1070, 1235, 3003 and 1100 aluminum foil.

In order to ensure that the aluminum foil produced meets the requirements of battery foil, Haomei Aluminum is equipped with advanced aluminum foil rolling mill equipment, which can realize automatic control of aluminum foil thickness and plate shape.

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