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The Magic Uses of 3m Aluminum Foil Tape

Publish: Modify: May 13, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

No matter you are an electrical appliance manufacturer or housewife, Let’s have a look of the magic uses of 3m aluminum foil tape. If you need, get aluminum tape price from us directly!

3m Aluminium foil tape is a common specification of metal tape. It has strong adhesion, anti-aging function and certain temperature resistance. Its superior performances make it widely used in our daily life. Now let’s have a look of some its magic uses.

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1. When there is black stain on the aluminum pan, just rub the aluminum foil home depot into a ball and use it to wipe it carefully. The stain will be removed quickly, and the aluminum pan become shinning again.

2. For indoor heating in winter, if you want to fully dissipate heat, you can insert a piece of household aluminum foil tape between the radiator and the wall to improve the heat dissipation effect.

3. It can be stuck to the joint between the sink and the countertop. It is effectively waterproof and antibacterial. It can also be used at the joint between the gas stove and the countertop.

4. After a long time of use, the kitchen drains and bathroom drains are easy to rupture and leak. Aluminum foil tape can be used for pipes protection.

5. Another special use is to make use of its the anti-interference effect. Aluminum foil tape is also a type of conductive tape. It can also wrap wires and cables, computer data cables to eliminate electromagnetic interference.

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